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 We Partner With Public Adjusters That Need A Reliable Home Improvement And Restoration Company. 


If you are a Public Adjuster, we’d like to work with you to better service your clients. We can help with fire restoration, water damage, mold remediation and all aspects of and home improvement. We have teams in place to handle every phase from board-ups to reconstruction and final inspections. We are an all-inclusive team of certified and licensed electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other tradesmen. Our 24 hour response crews are on call for emergency property securing, debris removal and water extraction almost anywhere in The New York and New Jersey area.


RG Build owner Ralph Guccione is not only licensed and certified, but holds a degree in Construction and Building Skills as well. His leadership, management and years of experience working with insurance companies and claims assures that you and your clients are in good hands. Thais is what separates us from our competitors ...we are not a "part time company". If the restoration or construction company you are currently working with can’t keep up with the work or meet the expected deadlines, call us. We complete our jobs on time and on budget.

If you are a fire, flood or mold restoration company and are backed up with work, RG Build can help. We can be an important vendor to keep on file when you need additional clean-up crews and quality tradesmen. RG Build has all the teams in place to jump in at any time for you and get the job done right the first time. We respect deadlines, utilize only certified contractors and understand the urgency to get your clients back in their commercial or residential property as fast and smooth as possible. Give us a call and let's discuss how we can be of assistance in any phase of the fire, flood and mold restoration process.

We Partner With Fire Restoration Companies That Need Help With Clean-Up Or Reconstruction.


We Partner With Public Adjusters For Our Fire Restoration Clients As Well.


If you experienced a fire, water or mold damage to your residential or commercial property, do not try to prepare a claim by yourself. Preparing claims properly so that you get the right settlement takes the assistance of a public adjuster. A lot of proof and forms need to be completed and submitted correctly the first time. If not done properly, there is a chance that you may not get enough of a settlement to cover reconstruction or you may no get paid on your claim at all.

To Get The Most Out Of Your Claim, RG Build Works With Public Adjusters On All Fire Damage Restorations.

A Public Adjuster is like an attorney who proves to your insurance company that the fire, water and mold damage done to your residential or commercial property costs much more to restore than they are willing to offering you. When property damage occurs, most people think they should call their insurance company, report a claim and wait for an adjuster to assess the damage. But this is the absolute wrong path to take. The insurance company adjuster works for the insurance company and their job is to pay as little as possible. A Public Adjuster will investigate and document all of the underlying issues that an insurance company adjuster ay overlook.  

Steps That A Public Adjuster Will Take For You On A Fire Restoration Claim.

Photographing al of the structural and content belongings damage is one of the first steps in preparing a fire restoration claim.


When property damage occurs, a major concern is where will I sleep or work. Arrangements for temporary residency is another major service that will be arranged. 


We will arrange to have your salvageable belongings packed and stored securely for you. In some cases, we may even have damaged contents restored.


All of this and much, much more is done so that the amount of money that your insurance company gives you covers every bit of of the property damage.

RG Build And Public Adjusters Perform All Of This Fire Restoration Related Work With No Upfront Costs To You.

You pay high premiums for property damage insurance so when a fire happens, it's time for your insurance company to cover you. That means cover you for every expense. It's not easy for a policy holder to get their claim maximized. Thats why we use public adjuster. Our public adjusters will negotiate and outright fight for your right for a fair claim. In most cases the amount of money received can be over triple than what your insurance company initially offered. At RG Build, we understand the business of property damage restoration and will guide you every step of the way.

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