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For Mold Removal, You
Need Adjusters, Remediation
And Remodelers.

RG Build works fast to assess the mold damage, contain and stop the spread, and start the claims, clean-up and reconstruction process. All without any out of pocket expenses to you. 


Mold Removal Is Not A DIY Removal And Restoration Project


Mold can start many ways. From a pipe break, appliance leak, storms or fire. Mold clean up and restoration should never be attempted by anyone other than a certified mold remediation team because it is dangerous. It cannot be fully removed by household cleaners. If not properly contained and removed, it can spread rapidly and even cause serious respiratory issues. RG Build has all of the resources to detect, contain, remove and restore mold issues and airborne spores.

Mold Remediation Professionals Detect The Severity So That A Claim Can Be Prepared For You.


With our mold claims assistance, your restoration will be fully covered by your insurance company without the stress of having to do it yourself. Airborne spores can spread through air ducts and therefore need a professional to perform an air quality test throughout the entire space. But we can fully eliminate mold growth and spores for you. We have experience to settle mold claims and fully reconstruct the space correctly.

Containing Mold And Securing The Area To Reduce Potential Spread.


Once the mold has been properly contained and removed by a HAZMAT team, we will then bring in all of the necessary tradesmen like electricians, plumbers, flooring, drywall, painters and whoever else is needed to complete the restoration. All of our certified tradesmen are very familiar with the mold removal and restoration process. So rest assure that the job will be done as fast and efficient as possible by RG Build.

Breath Easy Because When It Comes To Mold Removal And Reconstruction, You Have RG Build On Your Side.

When we complete a mold detection, claim and restoration job, you and be sure to return to a clean and healthy environment. We are very proud of how we handle mold remediation and restoration. It's our pleasure at RG Build to help anyway we can from emergency clean-up to maximizing your claim to cover all of the expenses in full.

If You Ever Experience Mold Damage To Your Property, Contact RG Build.

We will set you at ease by helping you maximize your claim and get what you deserve ...a freshly restored and mold free property completed the correct way.

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