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Flooding Always Causes Underlying Damage And Needs Proper Attention.

When a pipe burst or your roof leaks, there's only one restoration company to call ...RG Build. We have the knowledge and certified staffing to act quickly and stop the flow of water, slow down the growth of mold and even help you with your insurance claim.


Preparing A Flood Or Water Damage Claim For Restoration Can Be Tricky.


The professional team of adjusters, estimators, remediation crews, general contractors at RG Build all work together to get your residential or commercial space back to pre-loss condition or better. There are a lot of variables when it comes to preparing a water damage claim and getting a fair settlement. Flood damage that comes from outside is a different kind of claim than water damage that started inside your property. Insurance companies can deny flood and water damages claims if not prepared and submitted properly.

If it’s a commercial property that was damaged by water, we will determine income loss and factor that into the claim as well. If it’s your residential property that has been severely damaged, you might need to temporarily relocate while the property is being restored.There might be advance allowances in your insurance policy that can be advanced to you which we will bring to your insurance company's attention. We can help you. Call RG Build to review your policy and show you exactly what your are covered for.

Mold Created From Water Damage Is Not Always Visible And Can Quickly Run Up The Cost Of Restoration.


Whenever we are called to a property to asses the damage caused by water, we always take our time, as the beginning stages are crucial. We will work with your insurance company to obtain the right settlement for you. Making sure all of the damage is found up front is key for a timely restoration. This means getting behind the walls to check for compromised beams and studs, and of course mold growth. Once we know the extent of the damage and the costs to clean and rebuild it all, we will then prepare the claim and submit it you insurance company for approval. This also includes the value of any personal items that were lost.

Rebuilding After A Flood Or Water Damage


RG Build has all of the necessary tradesmen needed to restore your residential or commercial property after a flood or water damage. Our restoration project managers coordinate and oversee skilled tradesmen. Walls and flooring and whatever else that was damaged by water will be professionally installed properly then inspected for quality before you return to your home or business.

Returning After Flood Or Water Damage Restoration

When you return to your property, you can be sure that there will be no signs that water damage even occurred. Everything will have been completed and in move-in condition. We are very proud of how we handle water and flood damage restoration. It's our pleasure at RG Build to help you with emergency clean-up, quality restoration and even help you maximize your claim to cover all of these expenses in full.

If You Ever Experience Water Damage To Your Property, Contact RG Build.

We will set you at ease by helping you maximize your claim and get what you deserve ...a freshly restored property done the correct way.

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