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After A Fire, All Teams Involved With Restoration Are Called In.

If you ever experience fire damage to your residential or commercial property, call RG-Build immediately. We are equipped with an emergency team of tradesmen that will be dispatched to your New York or New Jersey property.


Demolition And Debris Removal Teams Are Quick To Clear The Area So That Fire Restoration Can Begin.


When it comes to a fire restoration, everything needs to be done immediately and with safe measure. Once the property has been deemed safe from collapse or any other hazards, the demo / debris removal process can start. It must be done carefully so that no additional damage is done to your property. Project managers will then be able to analyze the conditions of the property clearly and begin the next course of action. All debris will be carted off and properly disposed of and if anything is salvageable, we will put it aside for you so it can be restored.

Fire And Smoke Causes Major Damage, But Water Will Add A Lot More To The Restoration Process.


Water is a major problem. This is another matter that has to be addressed immediately. For this crucial phase, we bring in our water extraction team. They work fast and efficiently to extract water and dry the area so no residual damage occurs. This will reduce the growth of mold which will save you time and money. See Water/Flood Damage Restoration for more information in this area.

Water Damage Causes Mold Growth Which Needs To Be Contained And Removed.


After a fire, mold grows fast. In this phase of fire restoration, only certified mold remediation experts can be used. Dressed from head to toe in HAZMAT suits, they first contain the mold from spreading throughout the space, then remove it, bag it and properly dispose of it. Once an air quality test has been performed and air is safe to breathe, the fire restoration process will move to the next phase.

Fire Restoration Project Managers Will Coordinate All Tradesmen Involved In Reconstruction.

Now that we have secured, cleaned and restored your property, the actual reconstruction of the interior and exterior phase can begin. This phase will include working with your project manager in making decisions on flooring, windows, doors, roofing and siding. We will handle all of the scheduling and deliveries as needed. Our project managers will work with our in-house team of experienced carpenters, painters, roofers, electricians, and plumbers to assure you the quickest turn-around time. These tradesmen have worked together on many fire restoration projects in the past and know the process well.

The End Result Of A Fire Restoration Managed By RG Build Will Be A Space Nicer Than It Was Before. 

When all has been completed and inspected you may return to your home or business. It is sure to be odor free, mold free, smelling fresh and looking great. Upon entering your newly restored space will lead you to say "Wow, I'm glad I called RG Build".

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