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Emergency Fire Damage Services For Residential & Commercial Property Owners.

Believe it or not, insurance companies will hold you responsible for contacting a reputable  restoration company as soon as the damage occurs. So keep our information on file in case fire, flood or mold damages your New York or New Jersey home or business. 


Securing The Property Is One Of The 1st Steps In The Fire Damage Restoration Process.


The list of work to be done to secure any type of residential or commercial property after a fire could be long. If the fire burned your roof then a tar will have to be installed. If window glass or doors were broken or burned that boarding up those open areas will be done. We may even install a temporary fence. Most of this is to keep people around the property safe and to deter any vandals. 

We Assess The Fire Damaged Property For Safe Entry Before Starting The Restoration Process.


Before any actual work on the fire damaged property can start, it must be inspected for safe entry. Structural engineers will be called in to check the stability of the property. Load bearing beams and the strength of the flooring will be checked and secured to prevent against any potential collapse. Electricians and plumbers are also called in to ensure that there aren't any electrical or water hazards to be concerned with. Once the property has been deemed safe for entry, the debris removal and demolition process will begin.

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