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For Commercial / Residential Remodeling Or Restoration Services,

Hire Someone In NY or NJ With A Degree In Construction, Not Just A License.

Interior / Exterior Residential Design & Construction


It’s your home, so not only does it have to be functional and durable but it has to be beautiful as well. Often with residential design and construction projects, knowing what materials are available is important. What’s in budget, what saves time, what is trending? At RG Build, we will present ideas that will help you make the right decision. 

At RG Build, scheduling phases to stay in budget and finishing on-time with quality craftsmanship is priority. This is obtained by daily on-site management. We don’t leave our workers alone to trouble shoot issues or race through our renovations. No matter what size the job, you will get this personalized attention by having project management working along side tradesmen. Every corner will be sharp, every line will be straight and at completion, every client will want to refer us. We guarantee it.

Interior / Exterior Commercial Design & Construction.


Commercial construction requires more personal attention than your average design and renovation project …and that’s just what you’ll get with RG Build. You won’t just get top tradesmen, you’ll have an officer of the company on-site almost every day. This prevents potential issues before they may occur. If one of our tradesman has a concern, we are there to address it immediately. It also ensures that everything runs smooth especially scheduling and quality control.

Commercial design and construction projects are usually accompanied by tighter deadlines and stricter budgets that we take very seriously. So, whether you’re a developer, architect or business owner with a retail space, storefront, restaurant, or office, count on RG Build to work with you every step of the way.

We Help You Restore And Rebuild Your Home With Fire, Water & Mold Services.

We are a home improvement company that can also help with insurance claims assistance and reconstruction for commercial or residential fire, water or mold property damage. All of these restoration services are usually covered by your insurance carrier. Contact us so that we can help you find out exactly what you are covered for and maybe even help you get a larger settlement.

Claims Assistance


Restoration & Remodeling. What’s The Difference?

Restoration is done to restore your home back to the condition it was prior to property damage. Generally, your insurance will cover the cost for these losses at no cost to you. Remodeling is done when you are in the market to upgrade and add value to your home. These upgrades will be of your style and budget.


"Why Not Upgrade While Restoring Your Home At The Same Time?”

Handling All Phases Of Fire, Water Or Mold Restoration And Renovation.


If disaster strikes, let us help you relieve some stress with our property damage restoration services.


Of course the restoration process isn't easy, but we can explain all of the steps that will be taken so that you can be a little more at ease. The first step is to secure the property to limit the damage, then prepare and submit a full claim for you. Once an amount is agreed on, the reconstruction process can begin. 

For more detail on each step, continue browsing this site. There is a lot more important information that you should know.


Fire & Water Emergency Services RG-Build Provides:

• Emergency Board-Up

• Structural Inspections

• Debris Removal

• Water Extraction

• Mold Remediation

• Air Scrubbing

• Photographing Damage

• Submitting Claims

• Packing & Storing

• Temporary Residency

• Content Restoration

• Inspections

When Your Property Is Fully Restored From Fire Damage, You'll Be Glad You Called RG-Build.

We have helped many residential home owners and commercial property owners recover as smooth as possible from fire, water and mold damage. We have all of the emergency crews, claims adjusters and tradesmen in place and ready. Everyone needed from cleaning crews to electricians are on call and here for you 24/7. We hope you never experience any property damage, but if you do, now you know who to call! There is a process to fire restoration and no one knows it or performs it better than the teams at RG-Build.

Fire & Water Reconstruction Services RG-Build Provides:

• Structural Engineers

• Architects

• Plumbing & Electrical

• Carpentry

• Framing, Drywall

• Painting

• Roofing / Siding

• Windows & Doors

• Concrete & Stone

• Tile & Flooring

• Patios & Decks

• Railings & Stairs

Working With And For Public Adjusters And Other Fire Restoration Companies.


If you are a public adjuster or fire restoration company in New York or New Jersey, there may be a time when you are in the need of a fast and efficient team to help you with a client or two. If this need arises, contact RG Build. We would be happy to jump in and help with getting your residential or commercial client back into their fire or water damaged space. The RG Build team consists of many crews that are trained in this specialized area. On call are emergency board-up and property securing teams, structural inspectors, plumbers and electricians, debris removal and demo crews and of course many restoration tradesmen. Keep us in mind if your fire restoration team is not coming through for you or you just have too much work to handle and need additional assistance.

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